Titan Safety Consulting Offers a Wide Arrangement of Services

Health and Safety Policy and Program Development

Titan Safety Consulting can assist developing and updating existing health and safety program and policies. Program development will often involve an onsite visit, client interviews, and review of existing program/policies to comply with federal, state and local regulations.

  • Written Health and Safety Plans
  • Illness and Injury Prevention
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Confined Space
  • Hazardous Material
  • Fall Protection
  • Noise- Hearing Conservation
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Control of Hazardous Energy
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Pandemic Preparedness

Safety Inspections

Workplace inspections help prevent incidents, injuries and illnesses. Through a critical examination of the workplace, inspections help to identify and record hazards for corrective action. Titan Safety Consulting will happily walk with you through your facility to identify OSHA compliance and general safety concerns for your company. These inspections can help establish a practical way to mitigate these deficiencies. We can fix problems before they become a serious incident. Titan Safety Consulting is committed to helping solve your safety concerns, affording more time to focus on other areas of your business.

On-site Safety Supervision (Oil & Gas Specific)

  • Supervising workers, subcontractors and work activities
  • Preparing and presenting site inductions, safety briefings and toolbox talks
  • Assessing and managing safety hazards
  • Ensuring appropriate site rules and welfare facilities are in place
  • Drilling, completions, production/constructions site inspection

Online Contractor Management (ISN, PEC, Avetta, TPS Alert Oil & Gas Specific)

Titan can help assist contractors navigate the questionnaire/application, develop safety programs, submit documents, develop action plans to improve unsatisfactory grades and compliance status.

Accident Investigation

The primary purpose of an accident investigation is to prevent future accidents. The emphasis should be on finding the root cause of the accident, rather than the investigation procedure itself. The purpose is to identify facts that can lead to corrective actions – not to find fault. Reasons to investigate a workplace accident.

  • Goals
  • To find out the root cause of the accident
  • To prevent a similar accident reoccurring
  • To fulfill any regulatory requirements
  • To determine the cost and losses caused by the accident
  • To process workers’ compensation claims


Titan Safety Consulting will conduct a training and needs assessment to determine the appropriate training to fit your employees’ needs and meet regulatory standards. The importance of safety training extends beyond a worker’s introduction to the job. It also encompasses situation when the job changes or when working conditions change. Without an understanding of safety practices related to the job, a worker will be at a higher risk for workplace injury, illness or death.

Excellence Record

Titan Safety Consulting Services has worked with clients throughout Oklahoma. Our work has encompassed oil and gas, construction, trucking and other industries that require a high-degree of safety consulting. Whether you need audits, investigations, or complete training sessions Titan Safety is able to accommodate with timely and cost-effective solutions.

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