About Titan Safety Consulting


Reducing workplace incidents

The mission of Titan Safety Consulting is to assist and guide your organization in reducing workplace incidents by providing the tools, resources, training and coaching for management and employees to assist in transforming the organizations safety culture.


Managing all aspects of your compliance programs

Titan Safety Consulting can manage a function or all aspects of your compliance programs including assistance with record keeping, inspections/audits, benchmark assessments, reporting, safety management system (SMS) implementation, setting safety metrics, behavior-based safety (BBS), compliance safety training, OSHA, DOT assistance and other services with cost effective solutions.

Outsourcing or augmenting your safety management capabilities is a cost-effective alternative to hiring internally and will enable you to focus on your core business and stay current with changing regulations and industry best practices.

Choosing Titan Safety

Titan Safety Consulting Services has worked with clients throughout Oklahoma. Our work has encompassed oil and gas, construction, trucking and other industries that require a high-degree of safety consulting. Whether you need audits, investigations, or complete training sessions Titan Safety is able to accommodate with timely and cost-effective solutions.

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